An always up-to-date list of my publications is on my Mendeley profile.

Selected Publications

Below are listed those publications of mine that are especially relevant for my PhD project.


  • Romanello, Matteo. 2014. “Mining Citations, Linking Texts”. ISAW Papers 7.24 (2014). [preprint]


  • Romanello, Matteo, and Michele Pasin. 2013. “Citations and Annotations in Classics: Old Problems and New Perspectives”. In Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Collaborative Annotations in Shared Environment: Metadata, Vocabularies and Techniques in the Digital Humanities. DH-CASE ’13. New York, NY, USA: ACM. [doi] [pdf]


  • Romanello, Matteo, and Agnes Thomas. “The World of Thucydides : From Texts to Artefacts and Back.” CAA proceedings 2012. Ed. Mingquan Zhou et al. Amsterdam University Press, 2012. 276-284. [pdf]


  • Romanello, Matteo. “New Value-Added Services for Electronic Journals in Classics.” JLISit 2.1 (2011) [doi] [pdf]


  • M. Romanello, “Structured and Unstructured: Extracting Information from Classics Scholarly Texts” [online]


  • Romanello, M., Boschetti, F., & Crane, G. (2009). “Citations in the digital library of classics: extracting canonical references by using conditional random fields”. Proceedings of the 2009 Workshop on Text and Citation Analysis for Scholarly Digital Libraries (pp. 80-87). Association for Computational Linguistics. [pdf]