I’m well aware of the fact that the code I’m writing for my research won’t probably make it into my dissertation. Nevertheless I believe that’s an integral part of it and I want to make it freely available for others.

Gabriel Bodard (KCL, DCWiki) has recently articulated this argument in a very effective way in one message to the Digital Classicist discussion list: > Just as I cannot publish an article that will be taken seriously by > classicists without including clear citations to the ancient texts or > artefacts I’m working on, references to and acknowlegement of previous > bibliography on the subject, and the logical processes by which I > reach my conclusions, I should not be taken seriously if I publish a > digital work without making both the data and software licensed Open > Access and Open Source.

I have codebases on github, bitbucket and assembla.

The main pieces of code/software I’m developing for my research are: